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Laboratory of Experimental and Translational Immunology

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2022, July 20 - 11:25am


We aim to understand immunological mechanisms which may influence response to antigen in the skin, with particular interest in atopic dermatitis. Given the importance of the epidermal barrier in the disease we also try to understand its role in the pathogenesis and response to allergens and pathogens. While we focus predominantly on the skin disease as a model body barrier dysfunction, we also investigate communication and antigen presentation in other conditions where immunological mechanism are dysregulated.

Scientific interests:

  •  communication between cells during immune responses via secreted extracellular vesicles
  •  epidermal barrier in health and disease
  •  mechanisms of allergic inflammation
  •  pathways of antigen presentation
  • novel immunotherapy approaches

Laboratory website: www.dgo.ug.edu.pl



Laboratory of Experimental and Translational Immunology

Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUG
Abrahama 58 Street, 80-307 Gdańsk, Poland


Head: Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak, MD, PhD, DSc 
Professor at the University of Gdańsk

tel.: +48 58 523 6433 [e-mail]

List of Employees and PhD students:

PhD Lilit Hovhannisyan
+48 58 523 6319 [e-mail]
PhD Joanna Frąckowiak
+48 58 523 6319 [e-mail]

MSc Adrian Kobiela


Project title Project manager Source of financing Amount Years
Smart antigen provision for efficient induction of allergen tolerance Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak NCN Sonata BIS 9 3 824 800 zł 2020-2025
ArtExo: Artificial Exosomes For T-cell activation (collaborative grant with Prof. Jonathan Heddle) Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak FNP 1 000 000 zł 2020-2022
Keratinocyte-derived exosomes in induction of allergy and tolerance to environmental allergens -equipment grant Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak FNP 904 050 zł 2017-2022
Targeted exosome-mediated crosstalk between epithelial and antigen presenting cells for effective immunity at barrier sites ​ ​ ​  Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak NCN – Polonez 3 946 464 zł 2017-2019
Keratinocyte-derived exosomes in induction of allergy and tolerance to environmental allergens Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak FNP – First TEAM 2 2 200 000 zł 2017-2020




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