Biotechnology Summer School


Biotechnology Summer School (BSS) is an informal event organized by IFB from the beginning of its existence. The aim is to popularize and to disseminate knowledge about widely understood biotechnology. BSS was initiated by late Prof. Anna Podhajska, who implied that students and young scientists should actively participate in obtaining knowledge and establishing contacts with scientists from all over the world, not only in formal conditions but also outside the University. That is why the participants of BSS are not only biotechnology students but also students in related biological fields from Poland and from abroad, young scientists and even advanced pupils interested in this topic.

BSS is:

  • international – lectures and workshops in English
  • professional – lectures by outstanding scientists and experts from the world
  • open – participants not only from IFB, but are also other people interested in the subject
  • informal – lectures often in form of discussion sessions, nobody is judged, an informal atmosphere fosters integration and innovative thinking
  • integrating – thanks to the informal character of BSS and additional attractions (parties, workshops, bonfires, field games) new contacts and friendships are being established


Topics of BSS vary from year to year. See some of the topics at BSS in the recent years:

  • Model organisms
  • Basics of modern molecular evolution
  • Teaching soft skills – how to write a good grant
  • Current scientific research and its practical application – the possibilities of using the findings in any sector of industry
  • Biochemistry and biotechnology of plant lipids
  • Bacterial genetics
  • HCV - pathogenesis, disease, therapy
  • Influenza virus. AH1N1 influenza. Viral research
  • Absorption, distribution, metabolism and clearance of drugs
  • Information about EU funding

The lectures were held by speakers from eg. Greece, Israel, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Italy and Poland.


Co-organizers of Biotechnology Summer Schools were, among others:

  • Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS),
  • Polish Academy of Science,
  • ScanBalt BioRegion (ScanBalt),
  • Foundation for Polish Science,
  • Polish Biochemical Society,
  • Foundation for Development of University of Gdańsk,
  • Companies such as: Bio-Rad, Promega, Kendro.

On the BSS website you can find information on admission and terms of participation and have a look on some of the previous BSS editions.

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