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Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUG offers full-time undergraduate studies in BIOTECHNOLOGY culminating in a bachelor’s degree.


What distinguishes our Faculty as a place to study biotechnology?


Intercollegiate Unit

Are you interested in the molecular aspects of human disease or methods for finding new drugs and therapies?  Do you want to genetically modify plants or microorganisms? Are you interested in bioinformatic techniques used in biotechnology and biomolecular modelling?  Or perhaps you don’t know yet whether you are more interested in biotechnology in medicine or in the protection of plants and the environment?

For more than 25 years our Faculty has been making use of the knowledge, experience and scientific-didactic base of two universities – the University of Gdansk and the Gdansk Medical University.  We are the only institution of this type in the country and when you study biotechnology at IFB you can appreciate the atmosphere of both our Alma Maters.  Our staff are employees of both universities, actively conducting scientific research at the highest international level and referring to the results of that research in the teaching process.

Studies with guaranteed quality and recognition

We are the best teaching faculty in the field of “biotechnology”, a fact which is confirmed by the MNiSW certificate for best subject of study, a distinction from the Polish Accreditation Commission and our high position in the rankings of university subjects in the monthly journal “Perspektywy”.

An emphasis on practical skills and modern teaching laboratories

More than 50% of the course programme is made up of practical classes in up-to-date, well-equipped laboratories.  We focus on teaching in small groups and individual student-lecturer contact (tutoring, mentoring), and our students can be involved in the scientific research of faculty staff from the 3rd semester of their studies!

The international nature of research

We place a lot of emphasis on the competent use of specialised English through, for instance, offering the possibility of taking some classes in English, overseas Erasmus+ internships, classes taught by lecturers from abroad and the annual Summer Schools of Biotechnology.

You can continue your education as part of your second stage studies in biotechnology or related studies.

A new, innovative educational programme

A new, innovative educational programme based on Thematic Modules and using so-called Great Ideas – ideas which go beyond place, time and situation.  Facts form the basis of teaching but Thematic Modules, unlike traditional teaching, focus on understanding and linking facts into a coherent logical whole.  Thematic Modules are a way of organising facts, tying theory and practice together.

Starting in the academic year 2019/2020, in line with the latest global didactic trends and meeting the need for more effective teaching, the Faculty introduced a new undergraduate study programme based on the idea of “Concept-based learning”.  This innovative, interdisciplinary programme of undergraduate studies has been divided into 6 semesters corresponding to 6 Thematic Modules.  As a result, in addition to the marks in each semester, the integrated knowledge from the whole Module is tested in only one exam in the exam session (a so-called integrated exam)


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