Laboratory of Biophysics


Laboratory of Biophysics deals with studying various nanoparticles and biologically active low molecular weight compounds, including anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics, environmental mutagens and carcinogens, toxins, and substances with chemopreventive properties. Fullerene C60 is an example of a carbon nanoparticle that is highly hydrophobic and has significant antioxidant potential. The development of the aqueous solution of fullerene C60 (FAS) allowed for its safe use in biological systems. Therefore, we are investigating the potential properties of FAS in modulating the activity of anticancer drugs. Additionally, together with our colleagues from external laboratories, we use the antioxidant properties of FAS in research on muscle fatigue and damage. Moreover, metallic nanoparticles (e.g. silver, platinum, or iron) have become the subject of research in our Laboratory as potential carriers of anticancer drugs and modulators of their activity. The main goal of these studies is to develop optimal systems for anticancer drugs transport and action modulation, which may lead to an increase in their effectiveness against cancer cells, while reducing their side effects. In our daily work, we use a wide range of physicochemical, biophysical, biological, and computational methods.

Biomolecular Systems Simulation subgroup (SUB), whose leader is Prof. Rajmund Kaźmierkiewicz, is a part of the Biophysics Laboratory. The tools used in the SUB research activities are all contemporary molecular modeling techniques including, but not limited to, quantum ab-initio methods, semi-empirical methods, empirical – molecular mechanics (classical force fields methods), molecular dynamics simulations, Monte-Carlo methods, calculations taking into consideration the free energy changes and the influence of solvent. The computers used in research include five supercomputers placed near the beginning of the top500 list including the second fastest computer in the EU which is IBM Blue Gene located in Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany. Each of our computer modeling projects takes into consideration the complete environment with the presence of all molecules, as they appear in the living organisms.


Laboratory of Biophysics
Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUG
Abrahama 58 Street, 80-307 Gdańsk, Poland

tel.: +48 58 523 6311



Head: Assoc. Prof. Jacek Piosik [link]
tel.: +48 58 523 63 11 [e-mail] 

List of PhD and PhD students:

Assoc. Prof. Rajmund Kaźmierkiewicz
tel.: +48 58 523 6340 [e-mail] 

PhD Grzegorz Gołuński [link]
tel: +48 58 523 6310 [email

MSc Patrycja Bełdzińska
tel: 58 523 6310 [email], p. 268 AB
MSc Marcin Zakrzewski
tel: 58 523 6310 [email], p. 268 AB
MSc Inga Jamrożek
tel.: +48 58 523 6341, p. 302
MSc Monika Romanik-Błońska
tel.: +48 58 523 6341, p. 302


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