Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUG (IFB) gathers scientists from different areas of biological and medical sciences. Today, the structure of IFB is based on eighteen research groups having high intellectual potential and modern research equipment.

Since 1999, IFB has had the rights to confer the degree of doctor, and since 2010 – the scientific degree of habilitated doctor in the area of biological sciences – discipline of biochemistry.

Basic as well as applicative research of biomedical significance is conducted on molecular level. We are among the pioneers of research into chaperone proteins in the world. Research on chaperone proteins was initiated by Prof. Maciej Żylicz (Faculty member 1993-2002). We currently analyze chaperone effects on protein folding, biogenesis and degradation of protein complexes, DNA replication and stress protection. We are the only institution in Poland to conduct research in the area of molecular virology, molecular research into bacterial plant pathogens, research into plant lipid metabolism. We conduct advanced research on recombinant vaccines for humans and animals. We carry out research into the genesis, growth and metastases of neoplasm and on new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. We have significant achievements in research on photodynamic therapy. The conducted research has an interdisciplinary character thanks to the unique character of the Faculty as an intercollegiate unit. It is based on international cooperation and carried out in the framework of international consortia. The research activity conducted at the faculty is closely linked with the teaching programme which presumes an active involvement of students in research. Over 130 doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students take part in conducting scientific projects. Own projects are realized by students within Student Scientific Club BIO-MED. We organize various events aiming at popularization of science such as: the Night of Biologists or the Baltic Festival of Science.

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