Laboratory of Biomolecular Systems Simulations


Research areas:

  • Theoretical modeling of interactions of the TraR protein and autoinducer molecules involved in quorum sensing mechanism
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of NF-κB - DNA complexes
  • Torsional angle dynamics simulations
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of complexes of fatty acyl-CoA reductase (FAR) with the fatty acids
  • Theoretical modeling of protein-ligand complex formation and ligand escape path simulations from an active site
  • Prediction of the DNA quadruplex folding pathway and an evaluation of DNA quadruplex stability in an aqueous solution
  • Prediction of the ligand binding site and the protein-ligand complex configuration using the global docking strategy


Laboratory of Biomolecular Systems Simulations

Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUG
Abrahama 58 Street, 80-307 Gdańsk, Poland

tel.: +48 58 523 6340



Head: Assoc. Prof. Rajmund Kaźmierkiewicz
tel.: +48 58 523 6340 [e-mail] 

List of PhD and PhD students:

MSc Paweł Przygocki [e-mail]
tel.: +48 58 523 6341, p. 302
MSc Inga Jamrożek
tel.: +48 58 523 6341, p. 302
MSc Monika Romanik-Błońska
tel.: +48 58 523 6341, p. 302


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