European Congress of Virology in Gdańsk

The 8th European Congress of Virology (ECV) is the largest virology congress in Europe, attended by European scientists working in various fields of virology. The congress is held every 3 years; the previous one in 2019 was held in Rotterdam and 2016 in Hamburg. This year, the congress was held in Poland for the first time. This is, of course, a great honour for Gdańsk. 

The European Society of Virology had entrusted prof. Krystyna Bieńkowska-Szewczyk of the Inter-University Faculty of Biotechnology UG - MUG to chair and organise the congress in 2022, but due to the pandemic still ongoing at the time, the date was postponed to 2023. The congress was co-hosted by prof. Thomas Mettenleiter, president of the Friedrich Loeffler Research Institute (FLI) network in Germany and a WHO expert.  

The congress took place at the Baltic Philharmonic Hall on May 4-7, 2023. Complete information about the congress is presented on the website: 

This was the first such broad meeting of European virologists after the pandemic period. Many eminent scientists participated in the congress, including prof. Ralf Baltenschlager (Univ. of Heidelberg), prof. Marion Koopmans (Erasmus Univ. of Rotterdam), prof. Albert Osterhaus (Hannover), prof. Chiara Zurzolo (Pasteur University, Paris), prof. Volker Thiel (University of Bern).


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