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Student internship

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2014, December 15 - 3:35pm

A student internship is obligatory during the B.Sc. degree course. Every student has to accomplish 150 hours (4 weeks) of a n internship. According to our experience,  attending internships allows students to significantly improve their knowledge and skills.

Organisation of internship in a few steps:

  • The student presents an internship place to the Faculty Internship Coordinator.
  • IFB and the hosting company/institution sign an agreement.
  • Student completes all the necessary documents for the obligatory internship.
  • Internship coordinator prepares necessary documents (e.g. accidence insurance.)
  • Student has to deliver references form the Internship supervisor at the hosting company/institution as a proof of having accomplished the internship.

IFB Internship Coordinator is Assoc. Prof. Aleksandra Królicka.