Focus on Baltic Sea Resources

As the ALLIANCE project partner the University of Gdansk is organising a one day symposium entitled “Baltic Sea Resources – Potential for Biotechnology”. The event will take place on 16th of February in the Rectorate Building of the University of Gdansk (8 Bazynskiego street, Gdansk, room 411).

One of the assets of the University of Gdańsk is its relationship with the sea. It is guided by its motto  in mari via tua, and serves the development of the Pomerania region, whose wealth is the Baltic Sea itself. Thus the University participates in numerous projects and scientific research concerned with maritime issues.

The aim of the upcoming symposium is to encourage the audience to exchange knowledge about the rich potential of Baltic Sea and to consider their cooperation within the international Baltic Blue Biotechnology ALLIANCE project.

The ALLIANCE project, funded from the INTERREG BSR Programme integrates partners from the Baltic Sea Region who are interested in blue biotechnology. The ALLIANCE is presently looking for promising cases in the field of blue biotechnology in need of dedicated expert support for product and service development. Case partners will explore  new ideas with the potential to develop sustainable and innovative products from marine biological resources that are relevant to and for the benefit of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). The 2nd call for ideas is now open and the deadline for application to the BalticBlueBioAlliance mentoring programme is 3 March 2017.

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At the University of Gdańsk the project is implemented by the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography, the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG, BRC Gdansk and the Technology Transfer Office.

Project Leader at UG: Prof. Katarzyna Palińska

More about  ALLIANCE:


Please note that the event will be held in Polish language


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