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Would you like to see how the research and internships at foreign universities are conducted? Are you looking for a way how to improve your command of the foreign languages? Or maybe what you need is to invest in your professional and scientific development? If you feel that this may be an opportunity for you - check what the SEA-EU has to offer!

The first SEA-EU university inviting students from Master's studies to participate in internships is the University of Western Brittany in France. If, as a Master student of any of the SEA-EU universities, you’re interested in  one topic proposed below, please get in touch directly with researchers, sending you CV and explaining your motivation.. For more information visit our website

Below you will find a list of the fields of study offer :

- Oceanography (Physical, numerical and observational oceanography) apply before 28.01.2023
- Oceanography (Physical oceanography) apply before 10.02.2023
- Biotechnology (Marine biofilm dynamic and bioprotection) apply before 15.01.2023
- Chemistry (Chemistry, electrochemistry, spectroscopy) apply before 1.02.2023
- Social sciences (Multidisciplinary research mainly in urban planning and biodiversity) apply before 15.02.2023
- Social sciences (Social Science Research) apply before 10.01.2023
- Literature (Humanities, French and Comparative Literature, Study of correspondences, Intimate writing, Literature of the Sea) apply before 28.01.2023
- Language (Word-image relationships; current subject matter: “Breach and deviation”) apply before 28.02.2023
- Geography (GIS HomMER - gathering of scientific interest on the man and the sea) apply before 20.01.2023

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