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Science for business

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2019, November 12 - 10:12am

Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG & MUG has a wide range of cooperation offers addressed to the business environment. We perform analysis and research using the latest equipment. Knowledge and experience of our scientists allow a reliable and meticulous approach to each request in an individual way. A detailed research offer is available here: Cooperation offer

IFB UG&MUG is a partner in numerous projects with business partners. We are open to joint applying for R&D grants and projects, which target the solution to specific problems in companies. List of projects currently implemented at IFB UG&MUG can be found under: Projects

We also encourage you to take advantage of our wide range of research equipment. The research infrastructure is operated by highly qualified staff,  not only assisting during the analysis, but also interpreting the results and discussing them constructively.

The Faculty also offers a range of technologies and inventions that have a high potential for application. We are looking for business partners who are interested in the implementation of innovations. 

We encourage you to contact us for the details of potential cooperation.


Assoc. Prof. Stanisław Ołdziej

Deputy Dean for Organization and Development

Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of UG&MUG
ul. Abrahama 58, 80-307 Gdańsk, POLAND

T: +48 523 6428
E: stanislaw.oldziej@biotech.ug.edu.pl