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Offer: PhD student (Doctoral School)

Experimental and Translational Immunology group (DGO lab, www.dgo.ug.edu.pl
seeks to recruit a talented and passionate individual to pursue doctoral research programme in Immunology.


Project description:
“Interaction between time and stimulus during the induction of antigen-specific immune response”. dgo
Dendritic cells instruct T cells for their response to antigens, i.e. pathogens or allergens; this seems to vary depending on the environmental context during the initiation of a specific immune response. Upon exposure to environmental cues dendritic cells integrate multiple stimuli and adjust their phenotypic characteristics, which leads to differentiation into functional subsets. These unique DC states result in population heterogenicity and differential T cell outcomes which guide subsequent downstream responses. In this project we hypothesise that “time” may be another determinant contributing to DC heterogenicity with direct impact on their ability to induce T cell activation and promoting T cell polarization.
The project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Oxford.
Details of employment:
Full-time, up to 4 years (probatory period, periodic review applies)
Gross salary: stipend via Doctoral School
Starting date: October 2020
1. Designing, planning and carrying out experimental work under the supervision of Principal Investigator, maintaining regular and complete research notes;
2. Scientific initiative and contribution through regular reporting and publishing, as well as presenting at group meetings, national and international conferences as required;
3. Fulfilling the requirements of the Doctoral School (incl. limited teaching responsibilities);
4. Providing help and assistance to other team members as required;
5. Contribution to the efficient functioning of the lab.
1. MSc. in molecular biology, biology, biotechnology, medical biology or similar (or expected to be awarded soon);
2. Experience in cell biology, molecular biology and proteomics techniques;
3. Interest in immunology, prior experience is an advantage;
4. Ability to work independently, in a team and in collaborative projects;
5. Good English language skills (written and oral) as required for scientific environment;
6. Passion for research and high motivation for scientific development.
1. Experience working with mammalian cells (lines and primary) and clinical samples
We offer:
1. The opportunity to contribute to an exciting immunology project in collaboration with world-leading scientists;
2. Excellent opportunity to extend and enrich personal scientific career track and acquiring multidisciplinary skills, including access to the cutting-edge equipment;
3. Opportunity to work in one of the best research institutions in Poland;
4. Supportive environment;
5. Personal development of transferable skills.
Required documents:
1. CV documenting achievements, scientific degrees, publications, technical skills, research stays and other relevant experience – please provide in English
2. Document confirming the scientific degree;;
3. Cover letter (in English) documenting motivation and the most important scientific achievements;
4. Details of at least two individuals willing to provide references for the candidate;
5. After the interview: the successful candidate must enroll via the Doctoral School; further information at: https://sd.ug.edu.pl/biotechnologia/glowna
Deadline for submitting application documents: 2nd Aug, 2020; interviews (in English): 13th Aug 2020 tbc.
Submission (and informal enquires) via email: danuta.gutowska-owsiak@ug.edu.pl , including the text below:
“I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Personal Data Protection Act as of 29 August 1997, consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2016, item 922 as amended.”
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