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prof. Bogdan Banecki, president of the newly created company spin off UG

In June 2020, the sixth spin-off company by the name of TCI sp. Z o. o. has joined Fermentum Mobile, Qsar Lab, Officina Baltica, Vaxican and NanoExpo has been established at the University of Gdansk.

The spin-off was established in order to commercialize ideas and technologies in the fields of medical services and products developed at the university. The TCI sp. z o. o. team uses the experience gathered during the creation of innovative solutions for the biotechnological and biopharmaceutical industries.


The task of the company will be to refine the formulation of medical and medicinal products, conducting stability tests and to commercially use the developed products – performing registration and commercialization. This spin-off company will enable scientists to carry out the next stages of research and their practical application.


A large number of scientists at the university is conducting work on new preparations, which often find themselves suspended prior to the pilot production stage in line with the GMP. TCI sp. z o. o. will strive to create a GMP certified laboratory at the Kladki 24 street in Gdansk. This will create the opportunity to perform analysis based on pilot series, necessary for stability testing. The obtained certificate will allow, inter alia, to perform work commissioned for the development of license preparations.

More information on the TCI Laboratories website




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